Full Winter

Full Winter


Milestone Full Winter is an excellent winter tyre. The unique V-profile drains water, snow and dirt very effectively to the side of the tyre. The robust, continuous shoulder blocks provide more stability, while the wide profile tracks provide even more grip. Due to the special rubber compound, the tyres remain flexible even at extremely low temperatures. This maintains the driving and braking properties. The Milestone Full Winter is of course provided with the 3PMSF certification and thus meets the European winter tyre regulations.

Special rubber compound; rubber remains flexible, driving and braking properties are retained.

Unique V-profile; effective water and snow drainage, optimal grip.

Wide, sloping shoulder blocks; stable in all weather conditions.


13 inch
165/70 R1383TEC))70
14 inch
165/70 R1481TEC))70
175/65 R1482TEC))71
15 inch
185/60 R1588HEC))71
185/65 R1588TEC))71
195/55 R1589HEC))72
195/60 R1588TEC))72
195/65 R1591HEC))72
16 inch
205/55 R1694HEC))72
215/55 R1697HEC))72
215/60 R1699HEC))72
215/65 R1698HEC))72
225/55 R1699HEC))72
17 inch
205/45 R1788VEC))72
225/45 R1791HEC))72
18 inch
225/40 R1892VEC))72
19 inch
255/50 R19107VEC))73